How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Read JFS true stories, and learn all the ways your generosity makes a difference.

A Life Crisis Story
Marilyn and Bob were hourly employees who both lost their jobs during the economic downturn. Having exhausted their savings to pay their monthly rent, utilities, and bills they turned to JFS for help. The counselors at JFS helped Marilyn and Bob find subsidized housing and funds to pay their bills, develop a plan to sustain the basics, and bridge a health insurance payment. Through Jewish Employment Services Bob was able to find a new job. For Marilyn and Bob it is a slow process to climb back to the life they were living but with help from JFS they feel confident they’ll regain their stability.
The case managers at JFS are concerned for all aspects of their client’s lives- family, financial, professional, and personal. It’s natural to become discouraged from a drastic change in life and it takes a toll on an individual’s identity, affecting their relationships and every part of their lives. JFS counselors have access to the resources to guide their clients through difficult times and to help them by planting the seeds of change.

A CHAI Story
Through her religious school, Hannah heard a presentation about CHAI (Channeling Healthy Adolescent Interaction) giving her tools to help her with peer support, preventive education, and warning signs for when friends may be in emotional danger. Hannah never thought she would have a friend in a crisis situation, but when her friend started to act and talk depressed, Hannah reached out to JFS and her contacts from CHAI to help her with an issue too big to solve on her own. Fortunately for her, JFS was able to get her friend the help she so desperately needed.
JFS offers many programs within the Kansas City community to connect people with shared issues through educational support groups and to provide resources to help them during different stages in life. Sleepless parents of newborns, frustrated parents of non-communicative teens, adults in the sandwich generation simultaneously caring for their children and their aging parents, and those grieving for the loss of a loved one can all find help and shared company through JFS Family Life Education programs – all designed to strengthen the family unit.

A Care Management Story
Sarah, 87, was ready to throw in the towel and go to a nursing home like her children wanted. A JFS care manager advocated for Sarah with her primary care doctor so that she could access physical and occupational therapy. Care management arranged for the installation of grab bars, a tub transfer bench and a hand-held shower head. With empowering care management and advocacy, Mary now feels safer and more confident in her home.

JFS care managers assist older adults maintain their ability to live in their own homes with as much independence as possible. Whether needs are medical, financial, transportation, or beyond, JFS care managers provide help with problem solving and connection with needed support and resources.

A Chaplaincy Story
Seventeen year old Adam was struggling with depression and anxiety as he tried to come to grips with his parent’s divorce and the changes in his family. Adam’s family is not affiliated with a synagogue so his therapist connected him to the JFS Chaplain to help with his spiritual questions. The Chaplain was able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for Adam to talk about his issues and eventually was able to include Adam’s parents in the conversations.
The JFS Chaplaincy program focuses on the “Jewish” content of the services we provide by serving as the central address for spiritual care in our Jewish community. Our chaplain and his core of spiritual care volunteers reach people like Adam and hundreds of others in our community as they navigate life cycle events, crisis, and hospital and nursing home stays. The Community Chaplain is available to both the healthcare and Jewish communities as an educational and spiritual resource.