Successes & Testimonials

“Thank you so much for such a helpful and informative session!  It was awesome and I think everyone took something away from this meeting.”

“Thank you for showing how much you care about JES clients, not just as candidates for employment (as important as that is), but also as real people with real lives and real challenges. At this point, I am afraid I am going to miss tomorrow’s JES event.”

“I wanted to let you know that I took one of the jobs that you shared with me a few weeks ago. I will be working part-time for the JCC as an Administrative Assistant for the summer camps program. I start next week and am excited to get back in the work force. Thank you so much for submitting my resume. The services offered through JES were so helpful in updating my resume and helping me freshen up my interviewing skills. I really enjoyed working with Joyce Hill and found the workshops very professionally done and packed with helpful information. You are running a fabulous program!”

“Just walked out of the Interview Workshop…loved it!! Most helpful.”

“The session exceeded my expectations.”

“Thank you both for such a wonderful session. There was a lot of helpful information provided. The homework interview questions are awesome ones. I have had them come up and really need to prepare better answers, you have me thinking and growing.”

“Thank you for the excellent workshop on interview skills. It was very helpful.”

“All of the instructors of this program have helped me in achieving new skills and presenting me with ways to improve my knowledge of the job market and interview process.”

“Cari added specific critiques that I would never have picked up on. Really great.”