Betsy Low, LSCSW

Betsy Low loves kids, so it’s no wonder she decided to pursue that love as a children’s therapist. Betsy works out of the Kansas office of JFS working with children from pre-school through high school helping them to cope with life’s challenges.

Betsy is a licensed specialist clinical social worker (LSCSW). She earned a degree in psychology from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, and her master’s degree in social work from Tulane University.

She decided to go into counseling for a number of reasons.

“I was always interested in psychology and understanding human behavior, and I love working with children,” Betsy said. “They’re creative and imaginative. I like to be able to help them understand themselves better, build their confidence and become better people themselves.”

With her young clients Betsy focuses on family systems, communication and interaction between family members and works to enhance those relationships. Betsy uses such techniques as play and art therapy and shares parenting skills. She helps her young clients understand feelings.

“We talk about what a feeling is and give them the tools to express themselves in healthy, appropriate ways,” Betsy said. “And we give the parents tools so they can deal with their children.”

Betsy has an extensive background in her field having worked with a family service agency in New Orleans as a clinical supervisor and at a Florida residential facility for children in Florida. She’s also worked in the area of family preservation.

In addition to her one-on-one counseling work at JFS, Betsy facilitates parenting groups at the Jewish Community Center, including the New Mom’s Connection, and the “Parenting the Preschooler” program at area Jewish preschools.

The mother of two daughters herself, Betsy finds great satisfaction in helping children.

“When I see that a child feels better about him or herself, is in better control, then I feel a sense of accomplishment.”