Eating Disorder Resource Center (EDRC)

Eating Disorders
The JFS Eating Disorder Resource Center is a comprehensive program providing a multi-dimensional approach to meet the needs of those whose lives have been impacted by an eating disorder.

Approximately 200,000 women and men, girls and boys in the Kansas City Metro area suffer from an eating disorder. The primary objective of this service is to connect individuals with eating disorders and their families to support services and access to treatment.

Through the collaboration of professionals, treatment facilities, and service providers, a comprehensive and multi-disciplined approach has been developed to address the needs of individuals with eating disorders and their families.

BLING (Building Liberated Insightful Nurturing Girls) is a psycho-educational prevention program aimed at pre-adolescent girls. The goal of the program is to decrease the incidence of eating disorders among pre-adolescent girls. The program supports the girls in developing nurturing self image, positive body esteem, and healthy eating habits.

For more information please contact Mary Beth Blackwell at 913-327-4690 or

“The struggle with eating disorders continues to increase in the Kansas City area.  Awareness and prevention, as well as resources as to where to go to get help are essential in helping friends, family and loved ones who are effected by this illness.  I am thrilled that Eating Disorder Resource Center at Jewish Services is working with clinicians in this area to bring help and healing to those in need. “ (Kori Hintz, MA, LCPC, Executive Director and Founder Renew Eating Disorder Recovery)